Replacement Crate Cooler Handle

Replacement Crate Cooler Handle

  • For easier hanling and moving of your cooler (assembly required)

$128 ea.

2-Crate or 4-Crate Cavity Lid

2-Crate or 4-Crate Cavity Lid

  • Black ABS plastic with metal handle
  • 13″ Wide x 13″ Long x 1/8″ Thick

$40 ea.

Freezer Caddy for Cold Panels

Freezer Caddy for Cold Panels

  • Occupies small footprint in freezer.
  • Capacity: 20 cold panels
  • 14.5″W x 28.75″L x 12″H

$180 ea.

How Does It Work?

How does it work?

After freezing the interlocking cold cells in a standard 0° freezer, insert them into the product bays. The insulated cold management container will keep pre-chilled products in the mid 30’s for up to [24] hours. For continuous performance, an extra set of cold cells is recommended to provide uninterrupted cold management by simply exchanging cold cell sets every [24] hours.

Is this a proven technology?

COLD-SELL® equipment has been added to ala carte serving lines in over 50,000 school food service programs since 1993. In most cases, sales have increased because COLD-SELL® equipment delivers much colder milk, which is preferred by students and their teachers.

How long will products stay cold?
A certified Shuster laboratory report on COLD-SELL® equipment’s performance verifies that prechilled milk maintains mid 30° for up to [24] hours, and safe acceptable product temperatures continue to be maintained for as long as [36] hours. However, maximum performance will be continuous by exchanging cold cells every [24] hours.
Why are frozen cells better than ice?

COLD-SELL® provides a cold, clean, dry, and safe containment for food and beverage in secondary selling locations. Continual replenishment of ice is a hidden cost factor, and subsequent melt water is messy, plus a health issue. Cold cells are simply refrozen in a freezer before their next use.

How long will the cold panel cells last?

Under normal use conditions, cells maintain peak performance indefinitely. Agitating panel cells before refreezing helps maintain proper saline suspension. The high density polyethylene panel cells are very durable, however if dropped to a hard surface, they could rupture. Replacements are immediately available at low cost.

Is cold management equipment better than electromechanical refrigeration?

COLD-SELL® equipment is very cost effective relative to initial investment required for electro-mechanical refrigeration equipment. On going, electro-mechanical refrigeration consumes electrical energy and frequently requires maintenance downtime for compressor malfunctions, Freon replacement, etc. None of these negatives will become an issue with COLD-SELL® equipment. So, if you want secondary placement of cold products, without the need for electrical outlets or ice, the answer is emphatically, YES!

If freezers are needed then whats the benefit?

Most users already have commercial freezers that will accommodate the cold cells. The benefits are obvious when you can serve cold products from clean, dry, sanitary cold management equipment without energy consumption.

Do the coolers ship with graphics installed?

All equipment arrives with your choice of one of two graphics selections offered already installed, choices are “got milk?” or FUTP60. Graphic and substrate specifications will be provided, as a courtesy, if a client decides to produce and install graphics on their end.

How do you change the graphics?

Barrel wraps are continuous images that surround the barrel like a band-aid, first by attaching to the barrel surface and then around and onto themselves. Chest products have snap-lock frames, so graphic panel sets are easily installed.

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