“We bring The Milk to the Kids!”

Coolers for Schools

Cold-Sell Coolers have been in schools for decades providing ice-cold food and beverages to America’s schoolchildren while gathering insight from industry leaders, the CDC, and customers like you. Supporting schools in their efforts to increase participation in meal programs and leave no child hungry is our passion, all while making the process safer and easier.

Merchandising Barrel Cooler

Merchandising 4-Crate Cooler

Non Electric Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Kegerator

Non Electric Keg Kart

Non Electric Single Tap Mobile Kegerator

Cold/Hot Mobile Serving Kiosk

Merchandising Barrel Cooler



26″ diameter 32″ height


140 half pint cartons that fit into two 16 quart dairy crates

Merchandising 4-Crate Cooler



22″ wide x 37″ length x 34″ height


280 half pint cartons that fit into four 16 quart dairy crates

Cold Sell Kiosk Interior
Cold Sell Kiosk Custom Graphics
Cold Sell Kiosk counter
Cold Sell Kiosk cold sells

Cold/Hot Mobile Serving Kiosk

with Heating Element

without Heating Element

Where you need it. When you need it. Keep your cold serve offerings chilled without ice or electricity. Easy to move. Easy to use. Position frozen chill plates under the serving surface, place your product and you are all set to go. COLD-SELL Systems patented chill plates will keep foods and beverages cold throughout your serving process. And now you have the ability to serve hot foods along side the chilled fare for even more convenience. Give us a call today (336) 712-5006 to find out more.


97.5” L x 30.5” D x 55” H
(with wings extended)
54.5” L x 30.5” D x 55” H
(without wings extended)


250 lbs. unloaded


  • Generous storage in the back of the unit to facilitate ease of restocking
  • Optional warming lamp to accommodate food that must be served warm
  • Collapsible wings on both ends to expand surface area of unit
  • Firm push/pull handle to allow for easy movement of the kiosk
  • Heavy duty casters for smooth rolling
  • Top service area swings open for placement of chill plates
  • Protective top guard provides additional product display area
  • Graphic panels are easily exchanged for visual updates / customization / product branding

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

After freezing the interlocking cold cells in a standard 0°F freezer, insert them into the product bays. The insulated cold management cabinet will then keep pre-chilled products in the mid 30’s for up to 24 hours.

How long will cold products stay cold?

A certified Shuster laboratory report on COLD-SELL” equipment’s performance verifies that pre-chilled milk maintains mid 30°F for up to 24 hours, and safe acceptable product tempera-tures continue to be maintained for as long as 36 hours. However, maximum performance will be continuous by exchanging cold cells every 24 hours.

Why are frozen cells better than ice?

COLD-SELL® provides a cold, clean, dry, and safe containment for food and beverage in secondary selling locations. Continual replenishment of ice is a hidden cost factor, and subsequent melt water is messy, plus a health issue. Cold cells are simply refrozen in a freezer before their next use.

Do the coolers ship with "got milk?®" graphics installed?

Yes! Graphic and substrate specifications will be provided, as a courtesy, if a client decides to produce and install custom graphics on their end.

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